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Learning Together: The Transformational Nature of COVID-19 on the Healthcare Industry
COVID-19 has become a disruptive force to the world as we know it. Beyond being disruptive, COVID-19 is proving to have a transformational impact on many industries—starting with healthcare.

From unprecedented real-time scientific collaboration across the globe, to relaxed regulations, new supply chain and PPE sourcing opportunities, to a deeper reliance on digital communication than ever before, COVID-19 is transforming the way healthcare works. In this engaging discussion, we’ll address how this disruption is providing opportunities for new technologies, startups, and innovation to thrive, diving into some of the ways healthcare is adjusting and transforming at every level.

We invite all in healthcare—digital and beyond—to join us as we continue our practical conversations series with industry leaders, exploring the transformational trends and changes that are occurring in our healthcare ecosphere today.


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